Description of Services

Ship Repair Division

SEAFIX ship repair services include:

Structural repair/modification





SEAFIX fabricated and installed the Masters helm chair on the USNS Safeguard.  Photo at left shows the bare structure as it is fabricated in our Lower Base machine shop.











Photo at right shows finished helm chair after installation on the vessel.









Paint and coatings

All surfaces are properly prepared before painting begins.  Paint is applied pneumatically, electrically, by hand, or by rolling.  Final paint thickness are measured with the latest technology to insure best results and long lasting wear.



Photo shows the bow forecastle weather deck rehabilitation project on the USNS Williams.  Green area shows flooring before preparation and painting.








Pipe and Valve Repairs

Handling of fluids like sea water, acid, alkalis and other impurities promote corrosion, leading to a thinning of wall thickness and potentially premature substrate failure resulting in costly downtime.  SEAFIX can repair pipes and valves of various materials, extending the useful life of your existing system.

Electrical services


SEAFIX offers certified ABS welders to repair any type of metal.


SEAFIX repaired this existing ladder by adding half doublers to all ladder standoffs.  The ladder now meets industry standards.






Tank cleaning

Corrosion Control

All sea-going vessels are prone to corrosion of their metal components. The constant sea water and the salty air continually attack metal surfaces. SEAFIX can refurbish these materials in our machine shop or directly aboard your vessel.

Corrosion control methods include sandblasting, mechanical scaling, hand tool cleaning, and solvent cleaning.