Description of Services

Tower Division


Structural Upgrades/Repairs/Erections/Demolitions

SEAFIX can provide structural repairs and/or replace structural steel to maintain or improve any tower's loading capacity. The need for structural upgrades can be determined via a site inspection and by analysis of each tower. Upgrading the steel can increase value with a relatively small investment.

All projects come with a SEAFIX performance warranty.






Painting Specifications

All contracted painting projects begin and end with accurate MIL thickness readings, utilizing current technology to confirm that all paint thickness specifications are accurate. Detailed reports are provided on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, depending on tower size.

Utilizing the latest in industrial acrylics, polyurethanes, and epoxy paints, SEAFIX has developed coating systems superior to industry standards.













Obstruction Lighting, Strobes, Beacons, Re-lamping

In house climbing electricians are standing by for troubleshooting, upgrades and maintenance of all types of lighting.